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Design work

I've been spending some time figuring out a design for Undead Debt, so this and last week I've been writing up ideas and making sketches, and I think I have somewhat of an idea of what I'm going for. I've also given myself some time to play video games (mostly Fable 2) to think more about gameplay I enjoy.

Here are some sketches in no particular order, but what I had sitting around.

First I began thinking about making millennial zombies, using myself and my friends for reference. These millennial zombies would be those of us who "didn't make it" because of lack of affordable healthcare.

I've also been thinking about making a character creator as well. The original design of the player was supposed to be obscured so that anyone can feel like it's them. But, I like character creators and I've made character creators before so I'm going to go ahead and put this in - you'll feel more attached if you're seeing yourself in the game. ;)

Also thinking about the style of the game. I've decided that anything that's UI-based would be shiny, polished, like a mobile game - like something manufactured, marketed. Then, in the real world it will be a different art style. More drab. More depressing.

So I was thinking of making your side HUD a phone, and then the stores and loan repayment "apps" and such will each have their own cutie mascots. Above, I sketched a duck, "Odette", for the loan repayment app.

I haven't done the new HUD art yet, but I spend time throwing stuff together in GIMP to figure out spacing and how things will look. More on this later.

New Title Screen

For today, I went to CommuniTea in Overland Park with my sister. She worked on work-work and I worked on new art for my game. Otherwise, I've felt pretty crummy today, health-wise. (Bíi husháana le wa.) But, I worked on the title screen art today. And here's what it looks like:

Now, I need to write an exercise, homework, and lecture slides for my discrete math class tomorrow. Bye!

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