Debugging and Refactoring

Different IDE

I usually use Geany for my Python projects, but since this project is getting quite a few files in it, it would be better to use something that allows me to save a project.  I do not want to use the Eclipse IDE (it's bulky) and I don't want to use PyCharm (it's not Free), so I'm trying out Eric (kind of a terrible name for an IDE) and it's pretty good so far!


No screenshots for refactoring - just cleaning up code and moving stuff around.


I was having a hard time with a menu bug, so I cleaned up ezha's Logger class to help me track down the issue. I love a good logger!

Town menu fix / inventory change

Finally got the menu issue fixed, and added one job option in the menu - delivering letters. I'll work on this more later, but I wanted to get the starting point of the job system in place. I'll add more over time as I think of more "Gigs".

Now I'm excited! :D

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