Analyzing low framerate

I'm feeling pretty anxious today so rather than work on a new feature I decided to try to just diagnose why the game's framerate is so low.

First, I commented out the function call to draw the map, and - as I thought - the game FPS was much faster. But I know that I had written code so that, if a tile is off-screen, to not draw it. So then I tried to decrease the draw region...

Here, the visible region is drawn in yellow, and tiles that are at least part-way within the region get drawn. But the frame rate wasn't being raised much at all.

That's all I really did tonight. I'm tired and anxious about a meeting with the school department head tomorrow about my concerns over this class I'm taking, and I don't know what to expect. So blah.

I'll just keep thinking about this problem in the meantime, until I sit down and work on it more later.

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