School drama continues, I just want to make games

So apparently I'm going to meet with the dept chair on Monday to discuss this terrible class that I'm taking and what I can do about it. Bbllaaaahh why can't I just have a nice class to take for once and not have to deal with craaaaaaaaaaaaaaap?

Tonight I spent more than a half hour on the game, because I feel lethargic and don't really want to think about life right now.

I added more HUD elements, though still trying to adjust them to look nice.

I also added super-basic delivery mechanics, though ATM it only gives you a statement for somebody in Kansas City. I'm going to expand this later as well, to have little bits of dialog with the person receiving the billing statement.

I also added in getting paid for your deliveries, but at the moment no way to pay off your loan. Oh no!


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