City locations, Wonky horse

City locations on the map

I decided that I'd prefer to store the city's locations on the map file itself rather than hard-coding it in the game - which I could do, but why clutter the code with that?

I'm not sure what the best way to do this with Tiled is, but they do have "object layers". However... it seems that exported Flare maps don't output this information? But, I can export to JSON instead, so I think I will do that.

However, that means I have to add JSON support to the Ezha framework. I decided to just make an issue in BitBucket as something to do another time.

Title screen

Left without a full 30 minutes to work with after diagnosing the problem with the maps, I decided to just mess with the title screen. My Ezha framework has a "markup language" for setting up menu screens, so I customized it a little bit. Definitely not the final version of the title screen, though.

Wonky horse

Finally, I decided to try to animate the horse sprite roughly... I can draw people walking, but I do not have any practice in drawing animals moving at all. So here's my wonky blob horse kind of running.


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