Total student loans: $29,478.61

Hi, I'm Rachel. Undead Debt is a game I've been wanting to make for a few years, but I have not had the time to really sit down and work on programming this. Since graduating from university with my B.S., I've always been working full time (or more), and I've never been able to get ahead of my student loans.

Midway through my 20's, I decided I disliked working in software/web development in the local industry. I began working as an adjunct instructor at a community college and university. I enjoy this work much more, however, you can only teach up to 2 classes per college as an adjunct. Additionally, to even be teaching, I must be working towards a graduate degree.

For gradschool, I've been paying for one class at a time out of pocket: around $1,600 per class. Gradschool takes a lot of time, teaching at 2 different colleges takes a lot of time, and really all I want to do is make educational games like what I grew up with in the 90s.

I am now 30 years old, and I have not been able to create and experiment like I had wanted to throughout my 20s. Sure, projects here and there, but only things I could complete within a day for the most part. I need to take time for myself to work on programming a game and complete something. I've wanted to make this one for a while - while not really educational, it has a statement to make.

So, I'm going to try to allow myself to work on this game 30 minutes a day. Perhaps I can steal this much time for myself, without falling too behind on homework and work for my day-jobs. I'm going to try to write devlogs regularly to keep me on track, and try to make this as productive as possible. Perhaps if I have time, I'll stream or explain how certain features work, but first and foremost I need to just work on programming a game and not lose the momentum because of work.

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