Board game!

[Prototype version - graphics will change!]

Got the game board layout working.

Game board - Once challenge was making a board that's big enough to be usable on a phone screen, with multiple kids around the phone (so, not up close). Right now my tiles are pretty big, leaving not so many spaces to walk over. Because of this, I abandoned the spinner idea. Instead, I'm going to give each of the enemies a little bit of HP. Players will cooperatively fight the enemies to get to the level boss and eventually defeat it as well.

Battle system - Answer math questions to attack. The player's turn ends once they either defeat an enemy or answer a question wrong. If the enemy is not defeated, the next player will answer math questions to attack that same enemy until its HP is depleted.

Enemies - I don't like the idea of having humanoid enemies. Often, having goblins or orcs or something are a way to fill in the "those other people" in games. So I was thinking at first about maybe rats, which you often see in RPGs, but I know people who have pet rats and love them, so I didn't want to further spoil the good name of rats with my game. So, I decided to go with mosquitos, for now. This might change to other things like dinosaurs (they're extinct so who cares?) or slimes (amorphous blobs are unproblematic!), or even like... walking talking apples or something.

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