Character select screen

(Temporary 'programmer art')

Math board game progress today --

Mostly worked on sketching out ideas for the game, and making temporary art (to be polished up more) for the game.

It's a cooperative board game for mobile devices that kids can practice their basic math with. (No board game part programmed yet). As they move forward on the board, they solve math problems to defeat enemies in the kingdom.

Trying to design it so that kids of different ages can play together, so you can enable/disable certain types of problems. They're not so much competing with each other to solve problems but working together, though they get to move independently like a traditional board game.

Drawing little animal avatars the characters can play as, and I'll probably put in some sort of unlockable items like hats that their characters can get for answering math problems correctly throughout the session.

Notice the upside-down screenshot? I'm trying out a design where each player sits on one side of the phone (with the phone on the floor/table) and the screen rotates for each player's turn. Keeping the controls pretty simple to try to make this as easy to play as possible.

More updates later!

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