Back at it

It is hard to make video games when one is working as a teacher full time (which, let me tell you, ends up being more than full time) and going to gradschool. But... finals are coming up and without the class prep, there is more free time.

So, Rachel is getting back to work on Attack of the Mutant Lawnmowers! Rachel currently does all the art and programming for it, and is also looking into getting voice actors to play roles in the demo of AotML. We're going to release a demo first, see who's interested, and then build the full game.

AotML was originally programmed in Visual Basic by Rachel back when they were 12. This new version is not a 1:1 remake, as we are extending it and fleshing out various parts. While it is a bit hard for 29-year-old-Rachel to write in the same style as 12-year-old-Rachel, an attempt will nevertheless be made.

Inspirations for this game are the classic point-and-click adventures from LucasArts, as well as games like Myst, which are more from a first-person view and have more environment puzzles. RenPy seemed like an interesting platform to build an adventure game in. While usually suited more towards Visual Novels, RenPy can be extended with PyGame and is generally very customizable. Prototyping can be done fast in RenPy, and then we can go back over it and add features and improve things afterward. If this works out pretty well, Rachel has an idea for a more puzzle-heavy mystery adventure in the future.

OK, that's all for now!

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